How to Create a Relevant Buzz (Infographic)

    How to Create a Relevant Buzz (Infographic)

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    • 04/03/16
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    beBee Guide

    Make your beBee posts more relevant. beBee’s bees are always hungry for new and relevant content but, do you know how to create quality content? We’re going to show you how to make buzzes that every bee in the hive will want to share!


    Don’t miss the infographic at the end of this post!


    1. When you share a link. Imagine you are browsing around the internet and find an interesting article that you want to share in the hive. Just press the share button on your smartphone and press the beBee app image. You’ll see a pop-up screen with the url all set to be shared on the network.


    Are you going to press share already? Stop one second!


    If you want a quality buzz tell the bees in the hive why they should take a look at what you have shared. Write some text with part of the article or explaining why it’s interesting, this way more people will click the relevant button on your buzz and the Affinity Rank – beBee’s algorithm – will make your buzz more visible for the bees in the hive you’ve shared it in.




    2. When you share a photo. You don’t have to click on a picture to see what’s on it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make your buzz as great as possible If you want that photo to be a quality share, tell the bees a little bit about it. A great place to share these are the Photography hive, is they’re professional.




    3. When you share text. On beBee you can share text buzzes, as you can do on any other social network, but it’s not the best way to get relevant clicks. Nowadays people demand visual information, and a good picture to accompany the text is a perfect way to get more bees to actually read it.






    As you know there are 21k+ hives on beBee so you might not be so sure what hive to share you buzz in.


    What should you take into account?


    1. What the buzz is about. The content you share must be related to the topic of the hive you share it in. Remember that you can share your buzz in up to three hive at the time. For example, if you content is about food, you can share it in the Foodies hive or in the Cooks one.


    2. The number of bees in the hive. If you want your buzz to be truly relevant and reach the largest amount of bees possible, the best way to do it is sharing your buzz in hives with a lot of bees. You can also share them in other hives with less bees if the topic fits your buzz better, and help making the hive grow!


    Now that you know how to post a quality buzz we want to talk to you about a veryimportant feature on beBee: The social repository.


    As you know by reading beBee, Affinity Networking: The Dictionary on hiveBlog, the social repository is a feature that assures unique content on the platform, helping avoid duplicate content. When you post content and it appears as “shared buzz”, it means that another bee has shared it before you and leads you to continue the conversation. It’s possible that you don’t know that person, but you probably have some things in common. This is perfect to enlarge your network with third degree connections based on affinity.


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