How to Complete Your Profile on beBee

    How to Complete Your Profile on beBee

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    beBee Guide

    Complete your beBee profile. The affinity networking site allows you to always have an updated resume so that the rest of the internet users can see who you are just by taking a quick look at your profile.


    The first thing you have to do is register on beBee. If you haven’t done that yet check out our step-by-step guide to register on the affinity networking site.


    Ok. Let’s get to it. The first thing you need to know is that your profile is divided in two parts: public and private.






    1. Profile and background pictures + permalink. For people to know who you are and that you are a real person, it’s basic that you have a profile picture. If you have doubts about choosing the correct profile picture you can read this post about that topic. The picture size has to be 200×200 pixels and the background picture should be 940x312px.


    On beBee it’s very important that  you have a quality profile image. If your profile doesn’t have a picture it will appear at the end of the search results. Also if you apply for a job, companies take this into account. Now you know the importance of having a nice pic!


    The permalink is your profile URL. As on some other social networks, you can personalize your permalink to make it easier to access your profile and to find you on the Internet. Remember that a permalink shouldn’t have spaces between words. Use hyphens to separate words.




    Bad permalink:


    Optimized permalink:


    To edit it you can press the pencil next to it. Remember you can add this link to your resume.


    2. About me. In this box you can write some highlights about your professional and personal life or maybe a quote that you like. Feel free to write what suits you best!



    3. Experience. As you do on your paper resume, you can add all the positions you’ve covered along your professional life.



    Fill in all the fields with the required information and if you’re writing your current job check the “I am currently working here” box to deactivate the end date. In the description, we recommend that you write your most relevant tasks so the people who visit your profile can see what you’ve done by taking a quick look.


    Once you have completed the information press the “Save changes” button and repeat the process if you want to add another job position.


    4. Education. This area is where you fill in your education.



    Write the name of the academic title, the place where you studied and the level of the study. The “Main education” question is meant to highlight that information among the rest.


    Continue with the starting and ending dates and remember to check “I am currently studying here” to deactivate the end date box for your current studies. If you are studying online or long distance, please check the box which states this and save changes.


    5. Services you offer. This is an important part of your professional profile and it’s very helpful to get some extra cash.



    Let’s say you are a respected lawyer but you like to cook asian food in your spare time. Write it here! Write the service in the box and choose among the 30 possible fields. It has to respect current laws, of course. When you are finished save the changes.


    6. Knowledge and keywords. Here is where you write the keywords you want your profile to be associated with.



    To add keywords you just have to write the word and click add. When you are finished you have to press save changes. It’s important that you complete this part of the profile, because users and companies will be able to look for you by using these words.



    For example: if you are a community manager, you can use words such as “community manager”, “social media”, “social networks”, “communications” or “online marketing”, among others.


    7. Courses / Seminars. This is the place to complete your profile with every diploma, course or other title that you have achieved outside of formal education.



    For example you can add language degrees or titles, marketing courses or any other title. You have to write the name of the title as it appears on the document, the center which you studied it in, the level of the course and the starting and finishing dates. As before, if you are still taking the course, check the “I currently study here” box and finish by selecting country and state or province.


    If the course is online or long distance select the box. Don’t forget to save the changes!


    8. Languages. Fill this area with all the languages you can communicate in.



    Once your press “add” you will be able to choose among more than 180 languages. Select yours and choose your level. Don’t forget your mother tongue!


    9. Links. If you have a blog, a YouTube channel or a profile on other social networks that you want people to see, add it here.



    Press “add” and write the URL of the website. You can only add them one by one, so once you have added one save the changes and start over.






    1. Contact information and personal data. Fill out your personal information. This is the only place on beBee where you have to write this information because only you and the companies at which you have applied for a job offer can see it.



    When you press the “Edit” button, a new form will open and the first data you will have to provide is your telephone number. We recommend that you write your cell phone number and add the international prefix for your country, especially if you apply to a job offer of an international company.


    Next, choose your gender and your birth date. In the “Occupation” field you can choose among Student/college Student, Employee, Freelance and Director/Executive. Select the one that suits you the most. If you are currently unemployed select the type of occupation you’re searching for.


    Now you can select the retribution you would like to have. Move the orange bar or write the number in the case below.


    Complete your zip code information and the Nationality and Work Permit fields. The ‘Willingness to relocate’ and ‘Willingness to travel’ let employers know if you are able to move or travel currently.


    Finish by selecting the Driver’s Licence and ‘Car owner’ fields and save changes.


    2. Attach CV. On beBee you can also attach your CV in different formats so it can be downloaded by recruiters. If you have any doubts this post explains how to upload your resume on beBee.


    Congrats! You know have a complete profile on beBee and are another bee in the hive!

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    1. Wayne
      Question - In the Experience section, I have more than one current position. How can I re-arrange the items there? Do I have to delete and re-enter the position I want in reverse order -- or is there a way to "click and drag"? For example, currently my profile lists my volunteer position at the top and my "day job/real job" as the second item. I would like to reverse that order. How to? Thanks in advance. ALSO - Is there a quick "FAQ" database for us new people? I am sure new folks will have random but often the same questions that are common -- we need a way to easily search and find just the right answer, rather than having to go thru tutorials or posts for the entire thing. Thanks, Wayne Yoshida Technical Writer
    2. Donna-Luisa Eversley
      Excellent... Bingo! Thank you very much.