How to Improve Your Producer Stories

    How to Improve Your Producer Stories

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    • 30/09/16
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    Learn how to write great stories on Producer. You know that on our on-site blogging tool, beBee Producer, you can write about any topic you like, but today we’re giving you some tips to make your stories look great and professional.




    1. Paragraph style. This option allows you to write titles inside your articles. Use ‘Header 2’ for big headlines, ‘Header 3’ for smaller ones and ‘Paragraph for the body of your text. Remember that you shouldn’t abuse the headers if you want your story to have a good SEO performance.


    2. Bold. Use this option to highlight important parts of your text. A rule that is usually used for good SEO is that you should be able to know what the article is about just by reading the bold parts of it.


    3. Italic. You can use this for movie or book titles or for foreign words, among others.


    4. Bulleted list. Use this to create lists and make them easy to read. It really comes in handy when you’re writing the ingredients for a recipe, a step-by-step article or an article with tips to achieve something, for example.


    5. Links. This allows you to provide users with more information on the topic you’re writing about. Keep in mind that it’s really important that the links and the linking words are theme-related.


    6. Images. You can use as many images as you want on your Producer stories. Infographics are really in style know, so you might want to use them for extra engagement!


    7. Videos. You can insert videos in your articles by copying the link to them, clicking on the ‘Video’ option and pasting the URL. Great, right?


    8. Quotes. With this option you can insert quotes or highlight parts of your article.




    You’re all set to write your professional Producer stories on beBee! If you haven’t got the hang of how this works yet, check out this tutorial about how to use beBee Producer and don’t forget to take a look at our beBee Guide Index to find more step-by-step tutorials.