How to Search for a Job on beBee

    How to Search for a Job on beBee

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    • 19/04/16
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    beBee Guide

    Use beBee for job hunting. One of the many things you can do on this social networking site is search for a job. It’s really easy, but just in case you need some help we are making this tutorial to find a new occupation.


    The first thing you have to do is have a beBee account. Log in and access the ‘Job’ section. If you are on a PC you can access it from the top menu but if you are using the app (either the Android or the iOS one) press you picture on the home page and choose ‘Jobs’ on that menu.





    Once you reach this point you will see tons of job offers on the screen. It’s difficult to browse successfully through all those ads, so we’re are going to help you use the search filters that beBee offers.




    1. Keywords. Type in words that are related to the job you are looking for. Make sure to use important words -keywords- to narrow the search down to your desired occupation.


    2. Type of opportunity. By using this filter you can choose among different types of opportunities, as freelance or contracting jobs or executive positions.


    3. Date. This filter is useful to see the most recent ads that have been posted by companies or users.


    4. Professional hive. This is a filter which you can use to sort out the job vacancies by professional fields. The number in parenthesis is the number of vacancies in the field you selected.


    5. Country and location. Choose the location in which you are searching for a job opportunity and see what ads are best for you.


    6. Salary. Select the minimum pay you would like to receive for a job. Drag the bar to the correct amount.




    Once you have accurately used all the filters you can search for the job ads you are interested in. Did you find one? Now you can apply directly by using the “Apply” button or press “See details” to learn more about the opening position.






    Btw, if while you are job hunting you find an ad that could interest other users you can share it in the proper beBee hive, on other social networks or send it as an email.




    Once you apply for a job offer you will be able to see it in the section named “My applications”, available on the drop down menu that you can find by clicking on your profile picture – top right of the screen-.


    If you are on the app you will also find your applications in the menu that will show when pressing your profile picture, only this time the picture will be on the top left of the screen.




    Once you click on “Apply” the company will have access to your CV and your status will read as “Sent”. If the recruiter likes your profile you will be notified that you have been shortlisted for the job. Keep your phone close for more news about the opening!


    If your profile is not appropriate for the job, the recruiter will mark your resume as “discarded”. Don’t worry, there are tons of offers opportunities for you out there!


    All selection processes depend entirely on the company that is hiring. beBee is not involved in any of the recruitment processes and does not know when the companies start or end these processes. The company offering the position is the one responsible for this procedure.


    At beBee we take employment seriously and we try our best to keep fake job offers off the site. If you think a job offer is not real, please contact our Quality & Support team as soon as possible and they will take care of it.


    A great tip to increase your opportunities of successfully finding a job on beBee is to have your profile completely updated. Remember you can also attach your resume to your profile and it will only be visible to the companies who posted a job ad that you applied for.


    We wish you the best of luck on your job hunting endeavors. And remember that beBee is a social network based on affinity which allows you to meet people with whom you share interests and interesting contacts in your professional field. So don’t go and delete your account when you find a job, because there is much more to this great social network!


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