Trip to Maldives Contest. beBee Takes You To Paradise!

    Trip to Maldives Contest. beBee Takes You To Paradise!

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    • 14/03/16
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    Winner Maldives Contest


    Maldives Contest. Imagine a magical vacation on a paradise island with white beach sand and crystal blue water where the only noise you can here is the sound of the waves. Who wouldn’t want to be there, right? Stop dreaming and start packing, because beBee is taking you and a person of your choice to the incredible Maldives!


    The Maldives are a paradise on the Indian Ocean, south east of Sri Lanka and India. This probably doesn’t say much, but this picture sure does!



    Beautiful, right? But you’re going to like it even more when you learn that 73.4ºF (23ºC) is as cold as it gets. Tropical climates are the best!




    The Maldives look great but, how can I win the prize? You just have to upload a picture of a landscape to the Maldives Contest by beBee hiveRemember that you must be the author of the picture.



    Yes, we are serious! It’s that easy. But hurry up because you only have until April 15th May 31st to upload your picture. Starting that date, the validation task begin and a jury assigned by beBee will pick the lucky winner. On June 3rd will make the winner’s name public!


    The more pictures you upload to our hive, the more opportunities you’ll have to win this trip for 2 to Maldives for 5 days and 4 nights with flight and hotel included.



    TIP: beBee has recently launched a publishing tool and our jury wants you to take advantage of it for the Maldives Contest! Take some of the pictures you uploaded for the contest and post them on Honey Maker with an anecdote from that trip or place. Quality content gets more engagement on beBee, and the more original your post is the more bees will come buzzing to it. The jury will also take the use of beBee’s blogging platform into consideration.


    If you have any doubts you can check out the legal policy, terms and conditions here.




    The first thing you have to do if you go to Maldives is enjoy the landscapes, something you’ll know even before you land.


    Another thing you can’t miss is enjoying the sunsets and sun risings of this wonderful country in the middle of the Indian ocean. Since the highest place on the island is only 7 feet above sea level, it’s not going to be difficult to find a perfect spot to do this on any of its 1,2000 islands.


    Don’t forget to visit the capital, Male. This is the most inhabited place of the archipelago and in it you will get to know a lot of local customs.


    There is a huge MUST if you go to Maldives and that is the underwater world! No matter if you are a Snorkel or scuba diving person, you’re just going to love taking a swirl with the fishes. Being a place with barely any pollution plus having a coral origin make it one of the best and most famous places to scuba dive.



    A walk on the beach at night is another thing you most certainly have to go for. This amazing effect caused by bioluminescent plankton makes it seem like all the stars fell right from the sky into the ocean. Incredible!


    So good luck to everyone and make sure you leave a comment telling us what you would do in Maldives if you won the prize!


    Bon voyage!✈️

    Comentarios (8)
    1. Thais
      I really want to go <3
    2. Neha Bora
      Its going to be a dream come true for me and my husband, winning a trip to Maldives..the beautiful paradise of sun, sand and sea. Want to get mesmerised by the stunning locales of Maldives and its beauty to engulf me. I would love to go to the Manta Reef or the Hammerhead Shark Point to witness natures magnificent beauties. Swim, snorkel with fishes by the clean blue pristine water. Dine on the beach watching a beautiful sunset Get couple massages.. A stroll along the sea of stars. Ah! these are what dreams are made of...would be lovely to win.
    3. Juliana
      I think this is an amazing opportunity to enjoy and live! If I won the prize I'll do an amazing journey with pictures to share with everybody on my social networrks.
      i'd love to there with my wife. I had been working as an expatriate English Teacher in the past and know the beauty of the beaches, fish and the clear sea water near the islands. I'd like my wife who had not been there to see the wonder of nature that is nowhere else seen with this perfection.
    5. Avishek Pahari
      Thats awesome
    6. Kavita agarwal
      Its just wow..I really wanna go.
    7. Esha Pathak
      I will live and enjoy on beach all day and night.
    8. nainan babu
      wow beBee is best i never saw this kinda offer given in any other companies or website , i love beBee , thanks for great opportunity , congrats me every one winner for the Maldives contest is here M.Nainan babu , i dream every day and night , thanks beBee for lovely offer