“beBee is different because it brings personal and professional together”

    “beBee is different because it brings personal and professional together”

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    • 15/06/16
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    Article posted on June 15th, 2016. Posted on SpainBS.


    One year after beBee was established it already had an $11 million investment and 10 million users all around the world. These are very good numbers for this Spanish social network that intends to connect users through their personal and professional interests, something  they call affinity networking.


    We spoke to Javier Cámara, beBee’s CEO, and he told us how this social network was created, how it works and what its main added values and future goals are.


    Spain Business School – When and how did the idea to create beBee take place?


    Javier Cámara – In summer of 2014, Juan Imaz -beBee’s president- and I realized that there is too much noise on social networks, too much content that isn’t interesting. Also, all networks forced us to choose between our professional and our personal side. This doesn’t happen on beBee, you can be both your personal and professional self and only see content that truly interests you on your wall thanks to the hives.



    SBS – For those who don’t know beBee, can you explain how the network works?


    J.C. – beBee is where personal and professional come together. Maybe an example will help the idea come across. Imagine you’re a marketer that loves scuba diving; on beBee you will receive updates about your profession and your hobby, and you can also connect with others who share these interests with you. All this in the same social network.


    SBS – What is your target audience?


    J.C. – Every student and professional, in any field, looking to connect with his or her interests. Age wise, an important part of our users are between 25 and 39 years old, but on beBee there is room for everyone. We have more than 22,000 leisure and professional hives where users connect with each other and share information and experiences.


    Everyone is welcome to join beBee!


    SBS – What are beBee’s differential values compared to other social networks?


    J.C. – beBee is an innovative model that wants to bring the users’ professional and personal sides together. Connnecting with users around the world that share your same interests is something that works. This is why beBee is different, because you can connect with others beyond family, friends or people you know. This is what we call third-degree connection, and this connection is what makes the content on your wall relevant to you.


    SBS – What countries does beBee have users in right now?


    J.C. – beBee is present in more than 100 countries, highlighting Spain, the US, Brazil, Mexico, India and Latin American countries. Our goal this year is to assure our growth in the USA and other English speaking countries, like UK and Australia.


    The network is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese, but our growth rate has taken us to start developing the French, Italian, German and Russian versions.


    SBS – What is your recap for this last year and a half?


    J.C. – beBee’s evolution has impressed even us founders, and tendency shows we will be able to beat our goal to gain 40 million users by 2017 by far.


    beBee has been up and about for a year and three months now, since February 2015, and the results are very positive. We managed to close our first year with more than 10 million users worldwide, about 1 million job ads — yes, on beBee you can find job offers from the 25k+ companies that post on the network — and an $11 investment.


    SBS – What are your next goals?


    J.C. – As I said previously, our goal is to continue to grow in the US, UK and Australia. Last week we were selected as a Top European Startup by The Next Web, and this is very helpful to keep growing.


    We have two main projects on the platform that are working out very well, beBee Producer and beBee Ambassadors.


    The first one is an on-site blogging platform that is integrated with the social network so that the stories that users publish go directly to the hives as well as to the rest of the Internet.


    beBee Ambassadors on the other hand, is a program by which beBee will grant equity to users that are committed to the brand and engage in a meaningful way as beBee ambassadors. This is an innovative idea to build beBee with our users. I don’t know any other social network that’s done anything like it.


    At the moment we are on stage one of the program, when users send their suggestions on www.bebee.com/ambassadors about what they think an ambassador should do to earn equity. We’ll soon release the final terms and conditions.


    SBS – A sentence that describes you or that is inspiring for you…


    J.C. – beBee, the social network were personal and professional sides meet.