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Raymond Newman
11h ago · 2 min read · ~10
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What Should You Keep In Mind When Choosing An Electric Scooter?

What Should You Keep In Mind When Choosing An Electric Scooter?

There are many types of mobility problems, and there is not a single vehicle that suits everyone. Therefore, before acquiring one, you have to consider your own situation, at the time and in the years to come, and establish your own capabilities and...

Bill King
2d ago · 3 min read · ~10 · 1
To Fractals Forever and 4 more
EPIC RAP BATTLE, Earth vs. Humanity

EPIC RAP BATTLE, Earth vs. Humanity

  Earlier this week I logged onto beBee intending to write a buzz after being startled as I walked into my teenage son's room unannounced last weekend. As usually happens, once I start hunting and pecking keys my initial intentions were detoured,...

Mohammed A. Jawad
11/4/2018 · 2 min read · ~10 · 1
Lost in Oblivion

Lost in Oblivion

In truth, there’s sorcery and spell in the social media, which when used frantically and mindlessly, makes us droopy, dumb and dull, without any looks. Now-a-days, face-to-face communication has become obsolete, and in proximity, we converse...

Qamar Ali Khan
11/4/2016 · 6 min read · 1K · 18
Why I’m on beBee? Who am I?

Why I’m on beBee? Who am I?

Social media is really thriving. Ithas literally changed the meanings of social interaction and connectivity. Alarge number of social media platforms have emerged within the last 10 to 12 yearsand people, businesses, and organizations started...

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
13h ago · 2 min read · ~10
What is your First Domino?

What is your First Domino?

I was inspired to write this buzz after reading Self insight and growth in retirement by Royce Shook .  What I enjoyed most about his buzz was most about creating goals. Almost all of my life, I have always been told that to finish a race or...

Lance 🐝 Smith
13h ago · 1 min read · ~10
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Create Content Daily

Create Content Daily

Create Content Daily  How to create content daily.Figure out your mission. That’ll take so leg work if you don’t know it already. What’s the thing you stand for? What problem are you’re going to solve?I teach people to create content...

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