The Collaborative Platform For Professionals

Making The Professional World More Collaborative

Jerry Fletcher
1 ago · 24 min read · ~10
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Your Personal Brand as a Eulogy

Your Personal Brand as a Eulogy

I hadn’t intended to be there.My daughterand I had agreed to fly in for weekend meeting with Mom to make sure we werehandling her finances as she wished as she moved to long term care. We wound upat Mom’s funeral. There was a small...

Savvy Raj
6 ago · 28 min read · ~10
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Let go!

Let go!

Sharing a beautiful story that will make us  sense and acknowledge our inner feelings and help channelize its expression in a more evolved way with deeper understanding.*The Empty Boat -A Story on Anger.*​A monk decides to meditate alone, away...

Chris 🐝 Guest Cert.Prof.Acc.SA
11 ago · 70 min read · ~10
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  Whilst recently reading over one of his latest producerarticles I noted with interest that Dr. Ali had updated his status to reflecthis recent retirement from his position as Director - General of PhenomenaCommunications after a professional...

Gert Scholtz
1 ago · 20 min read · ~10
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Bees on Blogging

Bees on Blogging

On BeBee I have learned more than anywhere else about blogging and writing on social media. I thought to make a collation of a few posts on elements of blogging which you might find interesting. The content below makes for a good deal of reading...

Javier 🐝 beBee
8/2/2018 · 12 min read · ~10
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Four Ways To Improve Your Online Presence

Four Ways To Improve Your Online Presence

How we present ourselves has always been a crucial element to succeeding in business, and with the rise of social media, creating the right image and personal brand has never been so important. This is especially true for entrepreneurs and those...

Alexa Steele
9/2/2018 · 62 min read · ~10
How to use email marketing

How to use email marketing

You hate spam.You would sooner serve your customers SPAM fries for Christmas dinner than fill their inboxes with unwanted email.But . . .You would like to stay in touch with customers after they’ve made a purchase. And it’d be nice to promote...

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